There, the sun does not set. Everyone is in white for a pagan ritual where we dance, sing, drink. And where one dies. With Midsommar , american director Ari Aster has concocted a horror movie to shudder in the middle of summer. The filmmaker leaves aside the usual codes of the genre. In 2018, his first feature film Heredity , between neuroses and family and diabolical possession, had terrified the United States. Midsommar will be the 31 July in the rooms.

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” Or haunted house or ghosts in the cupboards, everything happens under a bright sun at the bottom of the Sweden. Midsommar is inspired by a phenomenon visible beyond the circles polar, when the days are not nights, at the time of the summer solstice. Christian wants to see this phenomenon. It leads to Dani, his girlfriend, in a funny festival, which takes place only every 90 years. The rituals seem childish. The participants are dressed in white, smiling, happy. Before becoming increasingly strange. The horror will take place in full light.