there are no recipes, at the theatre, but it smells yet on a good night. As well, we could be titillated at the idea of seeing gathered together by the acute Jean-Louis Benoit three actors, very nice stuff: Émeline Bayart, who has recently fallen in love with laughter the audience of Fric-Frac at the Theatre of Paris ; Manuel, The Hare, great performer, great natural comic, too, and very sensitive and thin, at the same time ; finally, Jean-Paul Farré, which we do not forget the delusions of the piano, single in the classic as in the burlesque, an elderly frail and voice of stentor. Terrific also.

Three wonders of artists that Jean-Louis Benoit, who was one of the co-founders of the Theatre of the Aquarium and has not stopped since, working, and blaze new paths, meet, therefore, to play two nuggets signed Anton Chekhov. Two parts in one act, very well known, very funny and touching, very poignant and cruel. Two parts that we are familiar with and that are relatively often times. marriage proposal and The Bear . They are here translated by Françoise Morvan and André Markowicz, a pledge of fidelity and alacrity. Still need to know to get the colors, the moods, the rhythms, and how far we can push things…

Specimens of humanity

On the plateau of the Pocket, nothing weighs, everything refreshes, everything is done so that the viewer has fun, but is also forged by the cruelty of the situations. The characters are beautiful specimens of humanity. They are not without fault and often ridiculous. Take The marriage proposal. Lomov Manual (The Hare) is present in the gloves of fresh butter from his neighbor Tchouboukov (Jean-Paul Farré). His dream is to marry his daughter Natalia. The father agrees and vanishes. But a quarrel broke out and the stubbornness of both characters lost. Benoit emphasizes, highlights, and the performers detonate the comic situations, cruel and finely written. Nothing betrays Chekhov. It kindles the fire of situations and replicas, behaviors. It is fabulous! We laugh, we cry, we cry of laughter.

In the same setting of John Hass, a charming ground-floor of a farm becomes a home a little more middle-class, to Bear , we find the three actors. Émeline Bayart is a widow inconsolable. Manual for The Hare, its attentive steward. Jean-Paul Farré, a neighbor who had loaned money to the husband, and calls for emergency which is his due, because he is threatened by bailiffs. The beautiful grieving does not have any of the result of the sum. This makes it crazy. She is resistant. Everything will turn to vinegar! We will not reveal the outcome… Benoit presses on the accelerator. One shouts, invective, it comes to hands, one would do well in a duel! This is Chekhov, this devastating? But yes!

Chekhov to the Madness, Pocket Montparnasse 75 bd du Montparnasse (Life). Tel.: 01 45 44 50 21. Schedule: mar. to sam. at 19 h, dim. at 17: 30. Duration: 1: 15. Until 14 July. Seats: 10 to 35 €.