Chelyabinsk UFAS has accused the network of

the Chelyabinsk OFAS found anti-competitive collusion JSC “Tander” (a trading network “Magnet”) and OOO “MALL” (a trading network “SPAR”) in the implementation of buckwheat “Uvelka”. On price growth in retail chains has complained in UFAS residents of the Chelyabinsk region.

As the press service of the Ministry, the retail price of a pack of buckwheat in 800 grams of a trading network “SPAR” reach 175,99 rubles, in a trading network “the Magnet” — 139,90 rubles. These prices are fixed from the end of April 2020. They exceed the manufacturer’s price of cereals more than doubled SPAR sold buckwheat is added to 356%, “the Magnet” — to 230%.

in other trading networks similar product is from 80 to 90 rubles. In trading network “SPAR” and “Magnet” in other regions too such cereal is sold at a considerably lower price, though its manufacturer is located in Chelyabinsk region and in other regions included the cost of shipping. From the manufacturer the wholesale price of cereals remained virtually unchanged.

the Ministry said that the actions of the retailers do not comply with the principles of social responsibility of big business and of violations of the Law on protection of competition, because the simultaneous increase in prices could be a signal for other market participants. In relation to the trade networks of the criminal case, which the Commission of Chelyabinsk OFAS Russia will consider in mid-June.

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