Cherkaoui/Goecke/Lidberg. We do not know very well what brings these three choreographers. The first entrusts its Fauna piece for two dancers, all in sensuality and virtuosity, which recomposes the race circular of desire, its impulses, its mergers. Without doubt one of the most beautiful parts of Larbi Cherkaoui, that it is just to enter the repertoire of the Paris Opera. The other two choreographers invited to this program are engaged in the creation.

Pontus Lidberg is working on The Wedding of Stravinsky, partition, splendid on which Nijinska signed in 1923, a choreography that remains a top by the audacity of formal, its musicality, its modernity. She translates what is going on in the head of the future spouses, dreams, and rituals chanted by the fear and automation. This puts the bar very high for Lidberg. “I preferred to question the marriage and its meanings today […]. It appears to me in a sense as somewhat old-fashioned and heteronormative, it has evolved considerably on a basis significantly different from the point of view of the love relationship, both heterosexual as homosexual,” he said. Marco Goecke, that we are happy to see invited, for the first time at the Opera, creates Dogs Sleep . With his gestures, chopped, repetitive, minimalist but intense, he intends to write “a journey to new worlds that make him afraid, but sting his curiosity”.

Cherkaoui /Goecke /Lidberg
Palais garnier
Place de l’opéra (IIe). Tel.: 0892 89 90 90. Dates: until the 2nd of march at 19: 30 and the 10 feb. at 14: 30.
Seating: 12 to 110 €.

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