Covered with praise by the critics since its release in may, Chernobyl , the mini-series from HBO’s dedicated to the biggest nuclear disaster in history, has a repercussion confusing. On the place of the drama (130 km from Kiev), where time is frozen on the 26th of April 1986, fans of the series are in the process of pouring. Since 2010, the no man’s land silent was partially open to tourists, and attracted nearly 30,000 visitors per year. Since the first episode of Chernobyl on HBO (and on OCS in France), the tour operators ukrainians claim that bookings have jumped 40 %.

Each is supposed to control the levels of radioactivity. There has to be confidence and hope that the safety equipment is more reliable than in 1986

The journey is special in more ways than one. It must be accompanied by a guide and have been authorized by the administration Ukrainian to enter the site. The flight from Kiev, the groups boarded the bus. In addition to his passport, and his anti-mosquito, it is necessary to be dressed in a top with long sleeves, pants and closed-toe shoes with solid sole. After 2 h 30 of road …

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