Children's parks of the capital have prepared summer online program

Virtual shift summer camps will begin in June in Moscow, said the Deputy mayor of Moscow Natalia Sergunina. Students will learn to create robots and three-dimensional models, get acquainted with the professions of industrial designer, pharmacist, and others.

Among the areas — microelectronics, programming, 3D modeling, virtual reality technology, robotics, Aeronautics and other in-demand specializations.

In Technopark “Mendeleev center” at Russian chemical-technological University named by D. I. Mendeleev works “City of professions for chemists”. The students of 8-11 grades get acquainted with the professions of the technologist of the food and polymeric industry, environmentalist, oilman and pharmacist. Teenagers from 14 years from 1 June until 31 August, can participate in workshops on robotics, nanotechnology, energy, industrial design and the aircraft industry in the industrial Park “Moscow”. From June 1 to begin classes in Technopark “Engineerium” Moscow state technical University named after N. E. Bauman. Change “Cosmopathic” will be devoted to the basics of programming, chemistry, physics, and robotics. At the session “the future of Agroinzhener” students will work on projects “Agroteplitsa” and “Automatic feeder”. Technopark “On Zorge” invites you to join the lessons on architecture, sketching and design. From 20 July to 31 July for pupils, students and young professionals will be “Architectural holidays”. Participants will work on the library renovation project in the town of Kondrovo, Kaluga region. Technopark “Baltic” has prepared a program for younger children from 1 to 11 July. Children will design the virtual worlds and develop 3D games that will create an interactive map of natural areas. For pupils of 5-7 grades from 1 June to 1 July will be held on chickenswith the “School of the young engineer,” where they acquainted with electricity and will assemble the schemas, and will learn to create three-dimensional objects. Children Technopark equal opportunities the University offers from 15 June to 14 August students of 7-11 grades to study engineering CAD design, 3D printing, media technology and mobile robotics. In Technopark “Smart Park” every week from 15 June to 25 August will be held the remote master-classes on manufacturing of microelectromechanical systems. In the Technopark development centre of Polytechnic engineering Moscow will be held the courses “Autocostruzione and calculations”, “Programming Python”, “3D-modeling”, “Design”, “Transport design”, “Aerospace engineering”. In Technopark of the National research centre “Kurchatov Institute” scheduled courses “Physics. High science at home”, “Information technology. Cryptography” and “Knowledge of modern science.” In Moscow there are 18 children’s parks, in which it is possible not only to obtain relevant knowledge, but also earn additional points for the exam for admission to leading Moscow universities.

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