Where is he to stop the success of Parasite ? In June, the film of Bong Joon-ho has won the grand prize of the Sydney Film Festival. The first palme d’or not the French to surpass one million entries in france in the last fifteen years will have a dubbed version in French by the end of the year. But in China, the long-feature film, Bong Joon-ho is not greeted with as much enthusiasm as in the rest of the world. The scheduled screening on Sunday evening at the First Film Festival in Xining, in the centre of the country, has been cancelled at the last moment, reports Variety , referring to a censorship of the regime. The organizers have published a press release Saturday evening, involving “technical problems”. They then presented their “sincere apology” without giving further details.

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The comedy of Bong Joon-ho, social satire on the class struggle in south Korea, was scheduled to close the event to the ten days dedicated to the first and second films. His last-minute cancellation was not a surprise. The censorship of the international productions that are deemed “sensitive” are going to all-will. Brokeback Mountain , Memoirs of a geisha or even the very subversive Borat have made costs in recent years.

The authoritarian regime in Beijing

The diplomatic relations strained between Beijing and Seoul since the installation of the shield anti-missile, american Thaad in Korea in 2017 does not help. Any movie of the peninsula has not been able to get out in the middle kingdom for the past two years and most of the festivals have avoided the programming of feature-length films Korean, says Variety .

The local films are the bane of the authoritarian regime. The excuse of “technical problem” has become a synonym for censorship. In the month of June, the premiere of the film Ba Bai of Hu Guan has been cancelled by the international film festival of Shanghai before its national release, expected in the next month, is also prevented. At the Berlinale, two feature-length films chinese were not able to be projected. Among them, One Second by director Zhang Yimou, which was removed from the competition but we do not know why. Its story? That of a prisoner escaping from his labor camp during the cultural Revolution (1966-1976) to see a movie…