the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Beijing asked their citizens about extreme caution due to the fact that the Central Asian country amid COVID-19 allegedly walks “unknown fatal pneumonia.”

In its report, the mission relied on the information of the Kazakhstan publications that focus of the new pneumonia are three regions: Aktobe, Atyrau and Shymkent.

Mortality from this type of pneumonia, claimed Chinese diplomats, “significantly higher” than the coronavirus. According to them, an unknown pathogen killed since June, the number of living in Kazakhstan to the Chinese.

Kazakhstan message of the “Chinese comrades” on the unexplored outbreak of pneumonia is denied. “This information is untrue”, — officially announced in the Ministry of health.

Presumably, the error associated China in the discrepancy between the statistics on pneumonia and kovido, when the last confirmed test, and the clinical picture.

the Kazakh Authorities earlier returned the quarantine and declared mourning for the dead from coronavirus, of which there are 264 people. Since the beginning of the pandemic on the territory of Kazakhstan identified 53 thousand 21 cases COVID-19.

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