China has accused Britain of violating international law

Chinese Authorities have expressed dissatisfaction with the decision of the UK to suspend the extradition to Hong Kong for an indefinite period. The statement of the Embassy of PRC in Britain this solution is called a “violation of international law and norms”.

the Decision of the British authorities is the adoption in China of a law on national security of allowing extradition from Hong Kong to mainland China. The head of the foreign office, Dominic Raab said that the immediate suspension of the extradition agreements entered after consultation with the Ministers of interior and of justice and attorney General of the country.

the British authorities do not intend to restore the agreement as long as China does not provide “firm guarantees” that in respect of the extradited British citizens will not be tolerated “abuse”.

China has described the decision of the British authorities as “an open interference in the internal Affairs of China” and “an attempt to derail the implementation of the national security law in Hong Kong” and accused Britain of intention “to undermine the prosperity and stability of the city.”

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