China has decided to take Hong Kong's freedom

China may impose on Hong Kong your direct control, according to Reuters. Beijing has developed an “enforcement mechanism to ensure national security” in its special administrative region, but the Hong Kongers and the West fear that it will lead to censorship of the Internet in the “Chinese type” and in General to the loss of Autonomous existence.

the goal of the establishing authorities of the PRC of the bill is to combat separatism, terrorism, and foreign interference. Criticism of the document predict that the world’s financial centre “the end” as soon as it appears “bases of special services of the PRC”.

Information about the intentions of China caused panic on the stock exchange and the Hong Kong people began to download a VPN program that allows you to bypass Internet blocking (in China the number of prohibited sites, social networks and messengers).

the Head of Hong Kong Carrie Lam tried to reassure people, arguing that the adoption of the law will not lead to the infringement of rights and freedoms will not affect the independence of the judiciary administrative district. Local activists for its part called for new protests against China.

Earlier, democratic-minded Hong Kongers regularly staged mass protests against restrictions imposed by China. Of the action subsided only in connection with “coronavirus” a ban on mass events.

the United States, Canada and Britain have condemned plans for China, saying Beijing should not violate the principle of “one country, two systems”.

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