China outraged by the supply of Russian s-400 to India: the Consequences can be terrible

Chinese authorities unhappy with Russian plans to supply to India antiaircraft missile system s-400.

according to Sina, Beijing believes that the emergence of ZRS in the area of the Indian-Chinese border will increase conflict between countries, it can be retracted even Russia.

In recent months, tensions escalated between India and China — for the first time in 45 years, clashes led to casualties. The country’s disputed territory in Northern Kashmir and parts of the Indian state Arunachal Pradesh.

Earlier, India has already placed in the border area anti-aircraft “Akash”. However, a powerful s-400 “Triumph” significantly superior to similar Chinese system — in particular, “Hongqi-9”, noted the media. In this regard, in China, fear that Russian arms will upset the balance of power in the region and will lead to serious consequences.

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