Chinese rocket

China had a failed launch of its largest solid-rocket “Queijo-11”. About it informs “Xinhua”.

what is the cause of the accident is not specified.

The maiden launch of Kuaizhou China’s-11 rocket has ended in failure.

Article by Rui C. Barbosa.

— Chris B — NSF (@NASASpaceflight) November 10, 2020

it is Noted that this was the first flight of the carrier rocket of this type.

China’s Kuaizhou-11 carrier rocket fails in maiden flight

This solid-fueled carrier rocket failed at Jiuquan satellite launch Center at 12:17 pm on July 10.

With a lift-off mass of 70.8 tonnes, the rocket was designed to launch low-Earth & Sun-synchronous orbit satellites.

— (((Sushant))) (@spati2012) July 10, 2020

the launch was conducted from site “Jiuquan”, located in Gansu province. “Queijo” was to send into space a series of satellites.

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