The chapter does not seem close to being closed. The young woman who accused Chris Brown, the american superstar, of having sexually abused her has given an interview on Wednesday, January 23 at Paris . “I want justice”, proclaims she, sweeping out of hand the suspicion of venality that surround him on his complaint. “Justice will recognize that what I said is true,” she adds.

Chris Brown, who denies having had “any sexual relationship” with the complainant, was released last Tuesday after a short police custody. No charges were brought against him. However, the complainant maintained his allegations and the investigation is continuing, as specified by the parquet de Paris. For its part, the singer, brings a complaint for false accusation.

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“What I can tell you, is that what I live is terrible,” began the complainant, a 24 year old woman originally from Algeria come to do language studies in France. On January 15, in the evening, the young woman goes to the Mandarin Oriental, 251 rue Saint-Honoré. A bartender of his acquaintance offered him a trip to a nightclub with the star. “Upon my arrival, there were many girls in the hall,” she says. With a few, we were invited to climb into her suite, where the artist was preparing” to go to The Key, a nightclub close to the Madeleine.

Cannabis and cocaine

At 3 o’clock in the morning, revenue in the sequel to the singer, “the atmosphere quickly deteriorated”. “Everyone was taking cocaine. Chris Brown especially, tells the story of the complainant. He started to talk to themselves, and the pacing nervously in the suite, making roundtrips to the terrace”.

Then she went to the toilet, the singer would have followed. “I caught her violently by the arm, my right arm, on which I had the blues, as well as the police has found. He pushed me into a dressing room and raped me”, she says. She then seeks to escape, but wants to recover his mobile phone. “I asked the guard of the body of me to make it. He told me that they were in his room,” she continued. They join the chamber in question. “And, there, it started again”, with the bodyguard and a friend of Chris Brown.

“I feel I have fallen into a trap, have been a victim of a system that works with a mode of operation well-established”, she says. According to it, having demanded his mobile phone at the entrance, which has not shocked given the reputation of Chris Brown, was “a way for them to [the]lock up”.

A financial proposal

She made a complaint two days after the fact, the 18 January, after having consulted a lawyer. People belonging to the entourage of Chris Brown then tried to join it. She has not responded. “As I have them blocked, they passed by a girl, a French who knows the star, and that I know a little”, she says, evasively. “She explained to me that I was going to find me in the shit, and asked me if I wanted to find “an arrangement”.”

“today, I am ashamed of having to speak,” says the young woman. My life is turned upside down. I’m exhausted as tranquilizers. I have not been able to resume the course.” Since last week, people come knocking at his door, and the insults rained down on the social networks. “There is even a photo of me, taken by the police during my hearing, which is circulated,” says the one who didn’t want to see his complaint noised abroad. People magazine Closer is loaded.