All the world can not boast of having played a guitar in orbit around the Earth. Rock Star from space, Chris Hadfield is one of the few to have achieved this feat. The canadian astronaut, now retired, became known with his recovery in the weightlessness of Space Oddity of David Bowie. An interpretation of 400 km from the Earth in the international space Station (ISS), which has 43 million views on YouTube.

Since then, the man was found on the floor of the cows, but did not abandon music. He is the leader of the band Bandella. A pure product of the NASA founded in 2003 in the basement of a bar in star City, training of astronauts in Russia. These musicians from the area come back on stage on 6 July in California for a concert at the Palms Playhouse in the city of Winters, North of San Francisco before occur in Massachusetts.

concerts simultaneously from space

within this group interstellar with influences from rock, folk, jazz, directed by Chris Hadfield, we find the flute and the guitar Cady Coleman and Steve Robinson, two astronauts with the retirement of NASA. Josef Schmid, a surgeon of the u.s. space agency, and general of division of the US Air Force is in the bass. Woman astronaut, Micki Pettit is the song.

Kansas City, Canada via Houston or Russia, these engineers edge become musicians even held a concert simultaneously between the Earth and space when Chris Hadfield was on the ISS. The Canadian was then released in 2015, a solo album, Space Sessions: Songs From a Tin Can, whose voice and guitar have been captured in orbit.

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The space station has since become a real recording studio for astronauts music lovers. Last July, the legendary group of electronic music German Kraftwerk interpreted the title Spacelab with astronaut Alexander Gerst, live from space. In 2017, for his stay in the ISS, the spationaut Thomas Pesquet, a former member of the marching band of his school of engineering, will was offered the pleasure to bring back his… saxophone!