Back on Earth for Thor. After a new battle, which promises to be a thriller against Thanos in Avengers Endgame , April 24, Chris Hemsworth could take a well-deserved vacation as a… James Bond. In an interview to the magazine Libra , the australian actor said that he “would love” to play the famous spy of Her Majesty. “When we were shooting Rush , someone has talked about Bond. And I said to myself, “Great! If I am in the process of an audition, this is awesome,””, joked the actor. According to him, “you’ll never encounter someone who does not want to try James Bond.”

The role is very coveted. Since 1962, only six actors have embodied the british spy, or an actor, almost every ten years. Daniel Craig is him in the costume from Casino Royale in 2006. His fifth film in the skin of the agent 007, the 25th of the saga and is scheduled for 2020, will be the last, according to the actor himself.

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The list of candidates to succeed Daniel Craig is long. Among the big names circulating the most, include Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston or Tom Hardy. The actors are very british, in the tradition imposed by the creator of the character James Bond, Ian Fleming himself as Well, all the actors who incarnate came from the british isles (Pierce Brosnan was born in Ireland but has lived in London, Sean Connery is scottish).

the exception proves the rule?

All of them? No. George Lazenby, in short, interprets the “I spy” for in The Service of His Majesty in 1969, is a native… of Australia. Like Chris Hemsworth. The death of Ian Fleming in 1964 may have encouraged the producers to no longer be confined to the islands across the Channel. In addition, after 19 films made by the British, the 19th of the saga is directed by a new Zealander: the GoldenEye of Martin Campbell in 1995 marks the end of the imperium British on the series. The next installment will be directed by American Cary Joji Fukunaga, who arrived after the defection of Danny Boyle last August.

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Chris Hemsworth may therefore dream. It is rare to see american actors playing Brits and vice versa. The world of cinema is now well endowed in coaches language to overcome a problem of nationality. If the actor continues to embody the superhero Thor, he will not, however, not necessarily the best availability to fit in with the hectic schedule of the agent 007.