Under the title of three thick catalogs of Christie’s, “A library of the avant-garde”, is hidden the name of one of the greatest bibliophiles of his time, Paul Destribats, disappeared in 2017. The character is also known for having opened up a famous nightclub Copacabana, Club 36, which became a reference for the bossa nova and ensured the promotion of his friend the musician Dorival Caymmi. In 1960, he returned to Paris and became a devotee of the rare book, for half a century. We could meet his high silhouette with white hair in the openings, auctions, or fairs. This discoverer has always sought any form of youth, of desire, of impulse, of booksellers, of course (Bernard Gheerbrant at la Hune or Jean Hughes at the Cardinal Point), but also artists, capable of sharing her enthusiasm curious of fine books.

“If he has purchased books, it was to preserve the memory of the vibrations intellectual and artistic, which have, in all corners of the globe, made the Twentieth century one of the greatest centuries …

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