Pedaling to show movies! Vincent Hanrion, president and founder of the association Cinécyclo himself acknowledges that his approach is utopian. “He wanted to combine two passions, cycling – he has a repair shop in Quebec – and the cinema,” explains Marion Mignoty, coordinator of the association Cinécyclo created in 2014.

Environmentalist at heart, concerned for the happiness of others, Vincent Hanrion, 33 years old, operates a “specific tool” to develop “the trip of solidarity and sharing culture”, everywhere in France or abroad. In Château-Chinon on Tuesday and Thursday for a meeting at school, two to three riders-projectionists who carry their equipment in a pair of saddlebags will also be Wednesday and Friday at Anost and July 8, at Saulieu, in partnership with the parc du Morvan. In 2015-2016, for six months, they have travelled 3000 kilometres in Senegal for 101 projections.

The joys of open-air

“It is fun, and the audience is often voluntary according to his capacities and desires”

Marion Mignoty, coordinator of the association Cinécyclo

Based in Dijon (Côte-d’or), the association aims to …

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