After Cuisine & Confessions, the collective Les 7 doigts de la main delves into another pan of our everyday life: the train travel. It follows the trials and tribulations of the passengers of a train, the troupe reproduced here with only a dozen chairs and a few accessories. Although the traditional elements of the circus are gathered – chinese pole, juggling, acrobatics, balance – don’t expect to much to a succession of numbers to be breathtaking. Because the ambition of this show is elsewhere.

The troop of montreal, known for her approach is very theatrical, operates out here all that this décor rail can offer situations and attitudes that are typical of show both of our personalities. We began a conversation with a stranger, that you batifole between friends, or that we are allowed to go to the reverie, watching the landscape scroll.

Unity of time and place

at times, you’d even attend a silent film more than a circus show to speak of, as the seven artists draw in the gesture that is so characteristic of budding film. Other aspects support the similarity with the theatre: the fact that artists are on the scene, rather than on a track in the middle of the spectators, or this devotion to the unity of place and time dear to Molière and Feydeau.

Here, all the numbers are brought down by multiple small tricks and gimmicks, and, once finished, they will leave soon the place to the story. This is the subtlety of the show, but also its limit: to relegate the address numbers and aerobatics in the second plan for the benefit of the dramaturgy, the piece is robbed finally of this could really take off.

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nevertheless, this creation has met a great success in Orleans where we have a view, and the Spring comedians in Montpellier has a scheduled opening. This festival, one of the first of the summer, offers, as every year, a cocktail of circus, theatre and music. Also of note, Le bourgeois gentilhomme , directed by Jérôme Deschamps, with Marc Minkowski at the baton to interpret the music of Lully.

The Spring comedians in Montpellier runs until 30 June.