Citizens demanded to prosecute the police officer, broke his arm journalist

“Journalists and concerned citizens” demanded that the leadership of the interior Ministry to prosecute the St. Petersburg police, who broke the hand of the journalist of “media zones” to David Frankel. The petition is available on the website

the petition States that Frenkel came to the polling station No. 2191 in St. Petersburg because of the reports of violations in the organization of the voting process in accordance with the editorial mission. There the journalist was trying to impede the work of anonymous members, who told police to remove journalists from the area.

“the actions of the journalist did not pose a danger, but the police threw it on the floor and broke his arm, and then David Frankel took a four-hour surgery. The recovery could take several months,” reads the petition.

the author indicates that police actions can be qualified as article 144 of the criminal code — “Obstructing the lawful professional activities of journalists.” However, despite the available videos of the MIA denies the police assault on the journalist.

“the police can not attack the journalist and to interfere with his work. It is illegal. A police officer can not attack an unarmed and unthreatening man in his own or other people’s understanding. It is illegal and immoral. When, instead of the source aid and the rule of law becomes a COP for the citizens of his country’s symbol of lawlessness, cruelty and meanness — it’s disgusting,” the petition reads.

the authors demand to stop police brutality and to prosecute police for its illegal actions.

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