What are the right-of-way rules apply on a Bicycle road?, want TIME know-ONLINE-reader Dagmar Zölitz from Kiel.

Setting up a bike road is for local authorities a cheap and easy solution to Cycling more space and safety to give a shield with the traffic signs 244.1 set up, the same, in addition on the road brushes, and a Bicycle street is a street. Then other vehicles like cars or vans just to, if that is allowed by additional signs such as for Residents or suppliers. The ADFC, an additional poster, or Transparent recommends to hang up, in order to inform motorists about the rules.

road sign to indicate a Bicycle route © Bundesanstalt für straßenwesen

Since 1997, local authorities may designate streets for cyclists, after the concept has been tested in selected cities like Münster, Bremen, and Bonn. Meanwhile, there are bike streets in many German cities, for example in Kiel, according to the Website of the city of 18 Bicycle roads with a total length of ten kilometers. Cyclists in Munich 62 Bicycle roads are available.

“On a Bicycle road the General right-of-way rules of the road traffic regulations (StVO) apply,” says Frank Häcker, specialist lawyer for traffic law. Say: Is not regulated in an intersection by traffic signs or a traffic light, right in front of left.

The maximum speed is reduced for all, also for Cycling, 30 km/h. cyclists are allowed to side by side Cycling. As for the bike road is because – in the case of approved drivers are only allowed to use the road. However, the cross and the cross to drive around cyclists, and cyclists are not allowed inside, it will drive on the right side.

Frank Häcker

studied at the Justus-Liebig-University, Giessen law. Already during his studies he focused on traffic and criminal law. In his PhD he is concerned with one aspect of the road to the right. Dr. Häcker is a member of the working group traffic law. His law firm is located in Aschaffenburg, Germany.

Without the appropriate notice is not, however, often recognize that it is a Bicycle street. Motorists are in many places just on the road, or Park your car as they are elsewhere in the city – even if the bike road should only be for residents admitted, not many Car drivers in mind.

more bikes a better and more liveable city creating, Mikael Colville-Andersen is convinced. The Danish Radaktivist of Copenhagenize argued that the roads had been for centuries, for everyone, but for approximately the past 100 years of the automobile, priority was given to: cyclists, pedestrians, children – all would have to be subordinate to it. In a Tedx Talk, the Radaktivist explains why it is time that the road should be for everyone.

infrastructure for Cycling is a way to convince more people of the benefits of Cycling. Bicycle roads are also politically as easily enforceable if cars are allowed to go there. The large litter for a future-oriented transport planning with equal traffic participants, you are not in the rule but.

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