And the winner is… on the other side of the Channel! Despite the Brexit and its dreadful crash. The 12th Prize of drawing of the Foundation Daniel and Florence Guerlain awarded the prize to Claire Morgan, the artist quite unclassifiable, since it also works well as a sculptor and as an artist, from the installation close to the mobile as transitory as a pistil or a pen, large leaves very compound where geometry and confusion collide, overlap to re-create another order of things. The announcement of the 12th coveted Award was made on Thursday 28 march, in the framework of the prestigious ” Salon du dessin at the Palais Brongniart.

Tuesday, march 26, the couple inseparable, had organized a breakfast in Paris around the three finalists of this edition in 2019, the “Price of drawing of the Foundation Daniel and Florence Guerlain”. Each of these three temperaments secrets kept the character – and the mystery – of his own.

Claire Morgan, grey hair, grey to locks violets and fresh-faced, brought with it the deceptive tranquillity of the contemplative and of the adventurer in the tradition of the Big island. Eyes open to nature and the dream, the artist irish is installed in the North of England, is born in 1980. It has imposed since a long time, notably in the galleries of Paris and Cologne Karsten Greve, with its world of wild animals taxidermisés (foxes or birds she finds dead and that she transforms herself to the study and retain them) and drawings, where the vital fluids mingle with the pictorial material.

Claire Morgan Luc Castel

“His body of work consists of works on paper, but also of paintings and installations”, explained the young curator and critic Marie Maertens in the presentation of the finalists in 2019. “Claire Morgan is assembling two notions which may seem to oppose, geometry and lyricism, corresponding to her home in an attempt to reconcile a certain radicality to the vitality that she observes in nature or the environment animal. For each work, Claire Morgan testifies to this ambiguity, consisting of an apparent softness, when the subject is well anchored in the issues of the world today. Some have matched his work to mythology, referring in particular to the adventures of Icarus, in connection with the many birds that she brings to the stage.”

Claire Morgan observed closely “the energy of the animals moving in nature, and intends to succeed to “capture a fleeting moment”. “I is constantly evolving, in this paradox between the monitoring of a process that I myself imposed and the loss of control that leads me to directions exciting. For example, my notes or sketches will feed the work, but in the end, it is often the connections are less obvious that are going to come!” Then she grabbed her pencil graphite in order to execute gestures vigorous, which will be complemented by the realization of tiny details. Most recently, she has left the imprint of his own foot, suggesting that the human being becomes involved in any part of the globe. With this bestiary was growing up, frozen by the taxidermy in his sculptures, Claire Morgan develops a reflection on ecological issues and policies of today. “We, too, are animals, but we behave as a dominant species, causing a lot of harm to the other. We are great manipulators and it is true that I can encourage a form of accountability.”

Jérôme Zonder. Luc Castel

Ruffled as a romantic artist and constantly on the lookout, like a child eager to see everything, nails bitten up to half of the lunules, the French artist Jérôme Zonder, born in 1974, has this gift spectacular design.

His hand virtuoso has already dazzled , delighted, and worried the visitors of the red House, the unique place of the art invented by the art collector Antoine de Galbert and which is closed to the great regret of all at the end of 2018, and then those of the Tinguely Museum in Basel where space was least conducive. The Chambord castle has been a place of royal exhibition which was particularly transported.

His imagination is a volcano, where all the influences, Stanley Kubrick, Larry Clark, David Hockney (“the intellectual side of the art!”, his hero absolute) to the press and its ongoing violence, become a chip of images. A little as if the spectator saw on the only plan of drawing everything going on at the speed of light in the brain of the artist.

“beyond The scenes he gives us to see, Jérôme Zonder analysis the problems of his medium, characterized by the line or the mass”, said, before the decision of the jury, Marie Maertens. “Both of these treatments can be used to query, in a different way, what is a subject. I had even realized, very young, drawing on these two events symbolists to the man that I characterized by the footprint and the line.”, said Jérôme Zonder. For this devourer of space, the limits exist to be surpassed, as he demonstrated by his perfect contours, increasingly juxtaposed with the effects of blurs, fades, and space shifting. This is summed up by “items sprayed” guiding the eyes to different possibilities of reading. It adds even cut-outs of fabrics, which refer to different geographies, or a memory of his own designs, a symbol of maturity and the logic of the rhizome, eating always of his life force. An energy that wants to be communicative, constantly trying to “feel” the drawing and see where it may lead us.

Friedrich Kunath. Luc Castel

Bundled up in his parka hid behind a smile closed, the German artist Friedrich Kunath was the most spoiled in terms of hanging at the salon of the drawing, with an entire wall where had his vision of the design, the landscape, the memory of the scene, his approach to the most personal of the reality. It was, by its apparent lightness and its use of the color acid, is the favorite of many enthusiasts.

“Born in East Germany, Friedrich Kunath poses the question of distance and the perception does not cease to re-read the tradition of romanticism, the landscape or of human passions… now since the soil of California, points out Marie Maertens. Friedrich Kunath has always wanted to experiment with the Great West. He was interested, from an early age, to movies, music and skateboard culture in the United States. California was also the order of the dream to the one who was formed in a merger between the legacy of German expressionism, and the omnipresence of Joseph Beuys. Today, in Los Angeles, it seeks to maintain a balance between her own images and some of its réappropriations, totally fulfilled. Fascinated by the pictures of americans, it mixes the resurgence of cartoons, the references kitchs (like beaches or arcs-in-sky) and landscapes, evoking Caspar David Friedrich or Albrecht Dürer.Without complex, it marries Venice Beach to Albrecht Altdorfer”.

The hanging of three finalists in the 12th Prize of drawing of the Foundation Daniel and Florence Guerlain. Luc Castel