Nine years later, Guillaume Canet has returned to the screen and to honor the friends of Small Handkerchiefs , led by François Cluzet, Marion Cotillard and Gilles Lellouche. In We will all , currently in the room, they find themselves in Cap Ferret, a little aged, a little bit changed, putting to the test their friendship woven there are distant years. Second start of the year at the box office after Avengers: Endgame , this second installment has greatly charmed the audience. A success that divides our two chroniclers, Jean-Christophe Buisson’s le Figaro Magazine , and Gregory Leménager (Obs) .

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Jean Christophe Buisson does not hide his joy to see a French movie, hook the third largest production of all time. And sees nothing illegitimate. According to him, these old buddies who engueulent at the table, playing musical chairs affective, are the lord’s “the art of being French”, and make a beautiful tribute to friendship. Best, Guillaume Canet book the passage of portraits cleverly built, in the vein of La Bruyère.

For Gregory Leménager ( Obs ), to want to identify these characters, Guillaume Canet ends, on the contrary, by drawing the characters too caricatured, the girl’s alcoholic, the depressive well-known. And ferocity – welcome – from the director with respect to them does not make us forget the excesses of vapidity that runs through the film. The subject of We will all – namely, the permanence of the friendship suffers because of it, according to him. A movie that is unfaithful to Heather for our confrere: “we cannot go far in friendship if one is not willing to forgive each other’s small flaws.”