Munich (dpa/tmn) – Who wants to retire to his classic car over the Winter, with a pair of hand-free awakening next spring handles for a worry-worry. Tüv Süd has some tips:

thorough wash

First, wash and oldie fans clean their vehicle thoroughly. This also applies to the under floor and engine compartment. Who uses a high-pressure cleaner, better be careful. To close used, it can cause damage. To electrical components such as the alternator, a distance of 50 centimeters below. The tire is the distance asked for: A Dekra study came recently to the conclusion that a minimum distance of 30 centimeters of a flat jet nozzle in the Tires is sufficient to avoid damage.

The interior of oldie friends as possible to also thoroughly clean, moisture and bad odours prevent. Any pollen filter, they build up over the Winter, because it can form mold. For a convertible soft top special cleaning agents and preservatives recommended. For the seals of talc can be used. In a Garage, the roof should be relaxed and slightly open a crack, but not longer completely folded back. Thus, wrinkles and fragile areas is prevented.

last Rites

Before the classic cars in the winter, treat it to its owners the best of fresh Oil. And even then, if the normal change interval is not yet reached. This preserves the engine. “In the course of the operation, acids and other aggressive substances in the Oil, which will attack metal parts and gaskets to form,” explains Eberhard Lang. The expert from Tüv Süd also know that some classic cars will tolerate thin Oils like 0W-30 is bad and synthetic lubricants reset often older seal materials. Therefore, make sure of the correct variety and the correct level.

transmission and axle drives the owner to control the proper Oil level with the correct lubricant. The tyre offers slightly more air pressure, about 0.5 bar more than specified, but not more. You will lose over the Winter some of the pressure.

Electric lifeline

In the case of old vehicles, it is advisable to disconnect the battery. Newer with a lot of electronics, it is useful to check with an electronic charger to automatically and optimally load. Who makes the car far away from the power connector to hibernate, to recharge the battery better usually once a month. A dead battery can freeze the other in case of in case of minus degrees. It thaws, then, could even be a leak of sulphuric acid, warns the Tüv Süd.

Dry and airy resting place

most comfortable with the old sheet in a dry Garage, which is belüft also good feels. Who cranks up the side Windows a few inches down, makes for a good climate. Who must have the vintage car outside, Park it on a continuous solid surface. So-called openwork form stones are definitely to be avoided. The footprint of the tyre can deform, and the remains of plants and Grass could damage the rubber.

DEKRA study of high-pressure cleaners

tips from TÜV SÜD to the Mothball