Several personalities including the television presenter Stephane Bern and the president of WWF France Isabelle Autissier, have asked the government to review its copy about heritage sites (Mont-Saint-Michel, Pont du Gard…), in a column published in The Sunday Newspaper .

The signatories of this text are also the names of Allain Bougrain-Dubourg, president of the bird protection League (LPO) and Michel Dubromel, president of France Nature Environment, fear that “these jewels in the landscape” are “considerably more exposed to local pressures, political or economic”.

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They deny a draft decree of the government, which envisages the transfer of the jurisdiction, ministerial approval to work on these sites in the prefectures. “101 reeves department does not have in effect nor the stability nor the experience or the means to preserve these jewels in the landscape”, say the signatories. The signatories regret in particular that the government has abandoned a previous draft of the decree “which suited all parties.”

This draft decree, the fruit of a work “three years”, allowed, among others, the prefect of the department to authorize projects of work which are modest extension of existing buildings, restoration work, forest management plans…), but would require necessarily the intervention of the minister of the ecological Transition and its office sites for work that is more substantial, requiring in particular a building permit or design.

In total, France has 2700 sites covering 2 % of the territory. The path now chosen by the government “would be tantamount to ease the issuance of work authorisations and regulate”, complain to the signatories of the forum.

“We, the citizens, communities, associations and tourism stakeholders, have the power and duty to protect our sites, remarkable saying of our opposition to this proposed order and by participating massively to the online consultation on the website of the ministry of the ecological Transition”, emphasized the signatories.

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