On the Croisette, with a communicative enthusiasm, Claude Lelouch, 81 years old, talks of his latest “folly” : The best Years of one’s life, the result of a man and A woman (winner of the palme d’or in 1966, ex aequo with These gentlemen and ladies). Inspired by the same legendary duo, Anouk Aimée and Jean-Louis Trintignant, the movie comes out the same day that it is presented out of competition at the festival, on may 22. Since he shot The Virtue of the imponderable , “a nod to The Land of Damien Chazelle” with a mobile phone, Claude Lelouch has “rejuvenated thirty years”.

LE FIGARO. – What do you feel when you come back to Cannes?

Claude LELOUCH. – I have the feeling I have done the tour of the world, of emotions, and to be returned to the house. I was born here. Thanks to Cannes, I was able to be a director free. Make almost fifty films against all the odds. The miracles I have saved from disaster. I am a miracle, I don’t have to complain.

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