Its wild beauty broke out in 1960 in the Girl with The suitcase of Valerio Zurlini. His indomitable character made her the true heroine of the mythical There was a time in the West by Sergio Leone. Today, Claudia Cardinale has decided to sell at auction, at Sotheby’s, the memories of his shoots and his huge career in the cinema.

Her wardrobe, exposed until July 4, to the parisian address of house for sale, 76 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in the Eighth arrondissement of Paris, is for her more than a collection of cult objects of the seventh art, “They are the reflection of a chapter of the history of the liberation of the woman”, as she was required to recall before the start of the sale on July 2.

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For the expert mode of Sotheby’s, Julia Guillon, one sees, in effect, “a certain evolution in this collection the first evening dresses are rather simple and then we had a pyjama emblematic of a new lifestyle that is more casual, but still elegant, and then dresses more free 1970s”.

Each piece is a remembrance of the star of the film, such as a mini-halter dress in black satin, the sequins roses on the chest and bottom inlaid with green satin and red, which was worn to the premiere of the film Les Pétroleuses , with Brigitte Bardot. “It is a nice souvenir, while the world we wanted to rival, but we were complementary. Me dressed as a girl, and the beautiful Brigitte as a man,” added the star.

The dress worn in The Cuckold beautiful

Estimated to be between 6,000 and 8,000 euros, the dress, embroidered with sequins haute couture by Nina Ricci, Claudia Cardinale wore in the academy awards ceremony in 1965, will be one of the most coveted. “It could exceed 20,000 euros , writes Julia Guillon. It is a legendary dress she wore on several occasions.”

The cocktail dress embroidered with petals black designer Nina Ricci as Claudia Cardinale wears in the final scene of Cuckold beautiful of Antonio Pietrangeli (1964) could reach 3,500 euros in high estimation. Preview in A Couple not ordinary by Francesco Maselli (1968), in which Claudia Cardinale co-starred with Rock Hudson, a leather coat is closed by flanges, is estimated to be between 2,000 and 3,000 euros.

“We realized, me and my family, that these dresses were in need of better care, than to be left in Italy. The idea of the sale was a desire of sharing,” explained Claudia Cardinale. The auction will be recorded on the website of the auction house. The 130 lots, dresses, suits and coats, day and evening, are on display until July 4 at Sotheby’s, 76 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris. A unique opportunity to rethink once again the most beautiful days of the cinema.

Claudia Cardinale during a fitting in 1962. Pierluigi Praturlon/ Reporters Associati / MP / RDA

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