To the editor of “Rosbalt” said the reader, which the crooks stole the money from the card Sberbank. Support advised to contact the police, and then initiate a return of funds.

Missing from St. Petersburg found the night of 27 may when the card was twice written off 6.8 thousand rubles through “Yandex.Filling.” In conversation with representatives of the Bank, he said that never used this service, card data to third parties is not passed, the ATM is not used more than a year, so in theory a compromise map could not.

All operations before the man walked through SMS confirmation, but for some reason this time the notification came. The Bank replied that this is possible. The culprits turned out to be a fraud, operating from London.

“After a long explanation, I was asked to reissue the card and on the question of refund to apply to law enforcement bodies, on your own to deal with this issue. And the Bank will take part, if they are these organs turn. In the end, I was left without money and without help. Now I’m sitting at home in isolation, not to use, but compromised my card should go to the police,” complained a reader.

His friend in another major Russian Bank the money was returned immediately, without the participation of law enforcement officers. Information “Rosbalt” confirmed himself a friend.

a Reporter asked in a press-service office of Sberbank in the Northwest. The Agency promised to investigate the situation, to explain the actions of support, but at the time of publication the review is received.

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