Co-author of the Constitution of the Russian Federation adopted amendments: the Government stole from us the hope

President of the Foundation for constitutional reforms, Oleg Rumyantsev, have criticized the amendments to the Constitution. In his opinion, they will lead to separation of generations and “completely beyond the control of people power”.

Rumyantsev was a co-author of the 1993 Constitution, and now heads the Commission of Association of lawyers of Russia for the development of constitutional justice.

According to him, his reasonable hopes for reform the main law of the country collapsed — instead of filling the gaps of the Constitution, the people received a “special operation under the cover of the veil of uncertainty”, writes “”.

the Ex-politician lamented that in recent years a team of lawyers, political scientists and public figures have prepared a package of amendments to the Constitution, but they were eventually used only in part.

“In civil society, many proposals were met… but it is made to cover the main goal — the reorganization of power with much greater centralization of public power in the hands of vertical, which has also become a horizontal line,” — said Rumyantsev.

He is sure that the desire for democratization became the “undisputed trend”, and Russia needs free elections.

he Also believes that the amendments to the Constitution were adopted now, because the government “has exhausted the agenda and don’t know what to take”.

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