Colleagues commented on the detention of former journalist and adviser to Rogozin Ivan Safronov

Russia’s media Manager, who owned the Newspapers The Moscow Times, Vedomosti and a former General Director ID “Kommersant” Damian Kudryavtsev has responded to the media information about the detention of the adviser of the General Director of state Corporation “Roscosmos” Ivan Safronov accused hosmane.

Entrepreneur in your Facebook called the arraignment Safronov “meanness and baseness of the system that are not willing to be transparent, even to friendly, attentive and caring gaze.”

Kudryavtsev recalled that the Safronov — hereditary journalist writing about the military sector, the army, the production and trade of weapons, and also that his father died under strange circumstances. “These two Safronov was a rare property — they were patriots and loved the subject of their research — the Russian voenprom”, wrote Kudryavtsev.

In turn, the host of Fake News on “Rain” Ilya Shepelin, who worked as a correspondent in “the Newspaper.Ru”, RBC, “Kommersant” and on the portal in his Twitter commenting on the arrest Safronova, said he did not know what might be behind the arrest. “The charges on the merits or trumped-up nonsense”, — said Shepelin, adding, “the Russian law enforcement system — it is like casino roulette, in this sense does not be surprised”.

He also told about the circumstances of trudoustroistva Safronova to work in the Russian space Agency. According to him, a week before the death of Safronov’s father was preparing a note “on the muddy supply of su-30 fighters to Syria and anti-aircraft missile systems s-300 to Iran, which Russia would like to issue through Belarus”. In the end, as noted Shepelin material to pass Safronov, the senior did not, on 2 March 2007, he was found dead under the Windows of his house.

“Actually, after this Ivan took the businessman on bail, and in the defense industry treated him well, his father was respected in this environment,” wrote Shepelin.

Earlier in the “Roskosmos” reported about the detention of the adviser of the head of “Roscosmos”, the former correspondent of “Kommersant” and “Vedomosti” of Ivan Safronov on charges of treason.

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