Courtney Love declares war on opiates. More precisely, Joss Sackler, business woman, fashion designer, but especially the wife of the heir to the empire pharmaceutical Sackler that the headlines for more than a year, due to the crisis of opioid that has ravaged the United States and Canada. A crisis that has already caused more than 400,000 deaths.

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While in this time has held the Fashion Week in New York, Joss Sackler creator of the brand LDV would have tried to bring in Courtney Love to her fashion show with a cheque for $ 100,000. A proposal immediately rejected by the singer, formerly addicted to OxyContin, a powerful opioid product by the laboratories Purdue, owned by the family Sackler.

“I’ll never their money. Joss is delusional. She talks about his fashion line and his private club, and their “philanthropic arm’. Why not give money to treatment centres, to pay for Narcan (a drug that counteracts overdoses of opioids), or create a pain-non-addictive?”, said Courtney Love to PageSix, adding that this request was offensive, she, and all the other people addicted and dependent to OxyContin. “I’m sober, but I’ll always be opioid-dependent, it will not disappear. I will always be like that, I’m just in recovery”, she stressed.

The answer was quick to arrive on the part of Joss Sackler. The spokesperson of the brand LDV has simply stated that Courtney Love would not be in the parade, without adding details.

Backcombing hair on Instagram

The widow of Kurt Cobain, former frontman of the group Nirvana, don’t stop there. For the past two days, it continues to overwhelm Joss Sackler on the social networks. She first posted the photo of the famous drug OxyContin embellished with the words, “Shame.shame.shame”, then she has published excerpts of the various articles and testimonies incriminating the Sackler.

charges which defended the interested, publishing to turn the screenshots of an alleged conversation with Beth Morris, the press officer of Courtney Love. “I am in contact with his manager. It will take at least 275.000”, one reads. In another message, Beth Morris explains that Courtney Love is sober for over a year and she takes this very seriously. Associate its image to the alcohol and pharmaceutical products would therefore not be a good thing. “Unfortunately, ( the amount requested, the editor’s note ) is too high and we respect his reasoning”, replied Joss Sackler, who seems to not want to be the singer. Photos commented on by Courtney Love itself, suggesting that it would be a deception.

Alleged exchange of emails between Joss Sackler and Beth Morris, press officer of Courtney Love. Instagram/Joss Sackler