In a marquee mounted above the device to the Door of the Lilacs, we are immersed in a space outside of time. The Circus Electric, and her “Cabaret ” decadent” makes us rediscover an authentic atmosphere of the cabaret, sometimes subversive, but more often child-like.

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Note that the show evolves over the course of weeks; so we attended the 69th review. The numbers start at 21 hours, however if you want to dine there, remember to come well before that. The menu at € 23 is very good. Boards of cheese or charcuterie are also offered. A part of the room is reserved for tables where spectators will watch the show, while the remaining part consists of the stands of the usual circus.

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On stage, the numbers are of very good quality as that of the Cyr wheel, trapeze or juggling. Other, more daring, even provocative, with a syringe and a staple gun, you might still be on the stomach. But the just flows brilliantly, accompanied by an orchestra very much present. Only downside, a Gentleman loyal to the texts, unfortunately, little written and sometimes lénifiants.

*Cabaret decadent Circus-Electric door Lilas in Paris (20th), Wednesday to Saturday, until 30 march.