What was supposed to be a joke and became a reality. On the stage of the Lone Wolf Comedy to Bicester in the north-west of London, the comedian English Ian Cognito, whose real name is Paul Barbieri, has died of a heart attack in the middle of a skit about the heart attack, CNN reported. Thinking that the discomfort was part of the show, the audience was entertained of the attack on the comedian and has realized five minutes later that it was not a joke.

“Imagine, I have an attack and I speak welsh to the alarm clock!”, was it to tell before collapsing on his chair. The laughter only subsided when one of the assistants came on stage and noted that the actor never breathed more. Two nurses and a police officer present went up on stage to perform a cardiac massage. When help arrived, it was already too late. “We felt bad after it,” said one of the spectators interviewed by the BBC.

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For thirty years, Ian Cognito was regarded as a figure iconoclast and was very popular in England according to the daily newspaper The Guardian . His sense of provocation and its antics have earned him the prohibition to occur in many of the comedy club and the tv. But this did not prevent him winning the prize in 1999 Time Out Award for Stand-up Comedy . On Twitter, several of his colleagues such as Jimmy Carr, Shappi Khorsandi, or Luisa Omielan paid him tribute. It is “dead as a caption,” tweeted the actress of 36 years.