The singer of 26 years has been kidnapped at the exit of a karaoke night, where he had been invited to perform, according to his father Amuli Bufolé. “Before being abducted, he has written a text message in the rush to alert us to the danger that he felt in his… The scene was not far from our home,” said his father. “We arrived late on the scene where we found one of his shoes and his wallet”, he added.

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“Before being removed, he wrote a text message in the rush to alert us to the danger that he felt”

Amuli Bufolé, father of the rapper Roc Akim

Also known under the artist name of Cor, Akim, the musician is in the recording of a single called My vote where it says “vote for a better Republic”.

The musicians of Bukavu were demanding the release of their colleague generally known as an opponent of president Joseph Kabila who does brig not a third term in the election of December 23, as required by the constitution.

According to the municipal authorities and the police in Bukavu, research was undertaken to find the artist. Launched on the 23rd of November, the campaign for the general elections of 23 December that Congo has not experienced a major incident until now.