The little horse is death. After a bad fall during the show Ex Anima, at the theatre equestre Zingaro in Bordeaux, a small horse had to be “asleep” refers to what day the daily South-West. The company was keen to share it-even the bad news via a press release.

“The company Zingaro is deeply sad to announce that the pony Alexander, injured severely during the representation, had, in spite of our care, to be ‘asleep’ by the vet this morning, lamenting the equestrian troupe, directed by Bartabas.

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Ten minutes before the end of the show, launched in full run in total freedom, as it is customary in the performances of the director Bartabas, the pony would be mounted on the raised edge of the track, before dropping back heavily in the empty space corresponding to the input of the artists, reports the regional newspaper.

The beast began to convulse that was quickly taken care of by a health care team who has been evacuated while the table continued, as if nothing had happened. But the animal had to be euthanized. Zingaro mourns today the death of one of its members”.

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40 spectators have left the room

After the accident, the joyous atmosphere in the venue became nightmarish. Forty spectators could not bear the scene, had to leave the room, shocked and angry, according to South West . Conversely, according to the same source, other fans have expressed their compassion and support to the director, knowing his respect and his passion for horses.

On the social networks, the opinions were equally divided in the aftermath of the accident. Some indignaient new evidence of abuse of animals in the middle of the show. The animator Christophe Beaugrand, for example, asked: “And if they stop simply using animals for entertainment? If we respected them a little more? I’m not vegan, I eat meat, but I do not understand that we have fun with the animals, circus, bullfight, or other…”.

others, on the contrary, took the company’s defense, praising, by Bartabas, a great “man horse”, “professional” and “passionate”.

The incident is unprecedented ensures from its side the company: “It is a rare event that occurs for the first time in 35 years”.

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For the moment no date of the tour, which ends on 14 September has been cancelled. One of them could, however, be disrupted by a protest of ACTA, the Association against the torture of animals, provided prior to the accident for the 1st of September, in front of the tent.