the 46th edition of The Angoulême Festival, opens its doors Thursday, 24 January until Sunday 27 January. Four days under the sign of the american comic, with a monumental retrospective immersive and fun dedicated to the 80 years of Batman. Exhibitions, conferences, concerts, exclusives, meetings… The programming promises once again to beautiful moments for the bédéphiles. Le Figaro introduces you to its selection.

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● Exposure Richard Corben – Give body to the imagination

By electing Richard Corben chairman of its 46th edition, the Angoulême festival has dedicated an artist unjustly disappeared from the memories of the 9th item Author and is emblematic of the new generation of independent writers of the american scene of the 1970s, it has made the fantastic and science fiction, the engine of his art time Travel, universe postapocalyptiques, aliens or witches are his favourite themes. Den, Vic & Blood, all Worlds Mutants , or his adaptations of the new Edgar Allan Poe, has made him an icon of the counter-culture.

“Treed by Tryceratops”, coverage among the most iconic of Richard Corben. She announced the new “So close… and yet, scripted by Bruce Jones, also worship. Richard Corben

With its unique design, singular, non-academic, his color amazing made of layers of mysterious, this master of fantasy illustration requires compliance by its graphic power. The primitive force of his characters ‘ bodies are disproportionate, full of ardor and sensuality, will complete to make an author’s genius is unclassifiable. For the exhibition angoumoisine, many collectors were mobilized in order to constitute the retrospective as complete as possible. To note that the exhibition is not recommended for under 16 years of age.

Musée des Beaux-Arts d’angoulême

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Batman 80 years: an american genre unmasked

The Batman of Frank Miller’s Expression@Datacenter@05_v6

Created in 1939 by Bob Kane and Bill Finger and born in the wake of Superman, the vigilante torture of Gotham City is being honored with an exhibition that is immersive and fun. It proposes to cross all the places the cults of the famous super-american hero. The man bat is in a megalopolis populated by psychopaths and killers monstrous has inspired a lot of authors. For 80 years, Bob Kane, Carmine Infantino, Frank Miller, Jim Lee, Greg Capullo, Scott Snyder or David Mazzuchelli have assured him a perpetual renewal chart and narrative.

media Library-the Alpha

Milo Manara , the itinerary of a maestro Pratt to Caravaggio

“An indian summer”, plate 5), album designed by Milo Manara on a script by Hugo Pratt. Milo Manara

Sculptural, breathtaking curves and long legs, both sensitive and provocative, the women of Milo Manara intertwined with sensuality and elegance. The virtuoso of erotic Italian see devote, for the first time, a retrospective in Angoulême, which celebrates the extraordinary variety of a career of fifty years. Rich of 150 sheets, the exposure is not confined to salute his work erotic. It aims to explore all aspects of a work that extends the boiling point of the Italian 1970s to his encounter with Federico Fellini by way of his collaborations with Hugo Pratt.

Espace Franquin

Tom-Tom and Nana show: all Bernadette Després!

Tom-Tom and Nana are appeared in the monthly magazine “I love to read”, in 1977. Bernadette Després

Dispute and creative, the two characters created by Bernadette Després, enchant the small and the largest since 1977. Surrounded by a gallery of characters, all the more picturesque one than the other, the two rascals, kings of bétises, have not taken a ride. And as Bernadette Després is not the woman of a single work, the exhibition features original artworks and invites “visitors to immerse themselves in a universe of endearing, well rounded and movements, full of fantasy, games, music and songs, the image of a author unforgettable who grew up with Snipe, and Tintin, and who infuses his drawing with a joyous energy and communicative”, promises the press release of the Festival.

District Youth

Drawing childhood: Taiyo Matsumoto

Taiyo Matsumoto, the author, who has worked for 30 years on the world of childhood flouted, is to discover through a new retrospective, which brings together for the first time in France nearly 200 original works. Children abandoned and left to fend for themselves are the heroes of a work realistic or spooky where only innocence and friendship “can negotiate with the nonsense and the individualism of the adult society.”

Musée des Beaux-Arts d’angoulême

SERVICE: check out the exhibition Taiyo Matsumoto

Plank taken from “GOGOMonster” Taiyo Matsumoto/Shogakukan

Tsutomu Nihei

The author of the series Blame!, Knights of Sidonia or Aposimz , a pillar of the sci-fi manga inspired by western influences is also celebrated by the festival. Former architect, Tsutomu Nihei place the enormity of the architectures at the heart of his plots: “He gives to his vision of the future dimensions sometimes non-standard, sometimes sprawling, drawing in Blame! a city with thousands of floors all in a vertical position, or in Knights of Sidonia a ship which is so huge that it is impossible to imagine the contours”, explains the festival. The author will be present for a meeting and signing session with exclusive.

Espace Franquin

The saga of Jeremiah Moreau

The young author, spent the last year in Angoulême by The Fauve d’or for his epic tale, dark and powerful, the Saga of Grimr , is closely followed by the festival. At age 16, in 2005, he received the price of the BD-to-school in Angoulême and in 2011, his first boards, The Suicidal altruistic , earned him the award of Young Talents in the UFDB in 2012. This year, the bond strengthens through a big exhibition that honors her universe is kneaded from Franquin’s thoughts , the beauty of Winsor McCay or the manga.

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● Concert drawing Monsters of Asia

The festival sets this year, a dialogue between classical music and the band comic. Three “concerts designed” dedicated to the work of the Korean Kim Jung Gi will be led by the Orchestra of Paris. Known for his drawing shows, in which he has done in a few hours of hands great frescos of several meters long.

Théâtre d’angoulême – Scène nationale: Thursday 24, Friday 25 and Saturday 26 January 2019, at 14h.

Dating international

Bernadette Després, the new comer Emil Ferris with his incredible debut album Me, what I love about it is the monsters (Prize of the critics of comic books, this year), the master of erotica Italian Milo Manara travel to Angoulême for a privileged meeting with their French and european audience.