Cords on the suppression of protests in Belarus:

Dispersed the protesters, Alexander Lukashenko has ceased to be his people’s father. This is stated in the Instagram-verse frontman of the Russian group “Leningrad” Sergei Shnurov, in which he responds to developments in the brotherly country.

Pontyberem violence in Belarus, said the musician, “there is no reason no one, neither bad nor good”. Addressing Pereyaslavskaya yesterday, President Lukashenko, he critically States: “Called you earlier, dad, and, now, stepdad?”, and include contemptuous language.

the leader of the “Leningrad” requires that the head of state gave the command to stop running the second day of the dispersal of demonstrators and the use of lethal weapons. “Enough gas to pour out!” — encourages Cords.

He would like to see the Belarusian leader looked into the eyes of the “truth” about how his “love” Belarusians. “Ears open and eyes! On the bayonets won’t stay!” — completes his opus Sergei Shnurov.

a new use of force against peaceful protesters in Belarus, read here and here.