Cords Prigogine continued to squabble about starving artists mutual insults

the Leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov has published in his Instagram a message from music producer Joseph Prigogine with insults. We are talking about a protracted dispute, the Cord and Prigogine about what a disaster the Russian artists during a pandemic coronavirus.

“Well, you got me seriously angry. <...> I thought you were smarter, you knew you were <...>. We’ll see you soon, mrazenysh. Hill is not found, and man with man always. So our meeting was inevitable,” wrote Joseph Prigozhin Shnurov, adding a few unprintable expressions in his address.

the Musician insults traditionally responded satirical verses:

“I read, unlike

so wrote Prigogine.

Rudeness pierces the bottom

Though hardly muscular.

a family Man, defender of the poor,

believing moralist”.

he noted that despite the “solid form,” Joseph Prigozhin “just greedy” and all of his statements in defense of culture — “lime.”

“these are full of jugglers,

Screpancy they type.

rebellious He asks storm

Well, let it be so.

the Initiative fool,

a Little funnier than asshole.”

the Recall, producer and husband of singer Valerie Joseph Prigogine said earlier that the artists were in a terrible situation and “even the first dozen of the most popular stars today, almost a curse, because they all lost the ability to earn”. The producer encouraged the state to support the artists. In response, the Cords burst into a sarcastic poem about how stars cook a mess of greens and called starving artists “sirotinushka”.

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