Coronavirus continues to kill for a day in Moscow, died 24 persons

24 people died in Moscow over the past day. All had a confirmed diagnosis of pneumonia and delivered a positive test for the coronavirus, reported in the operational headquarters for infection control.

the Total number of victims COVID-19 in the capital has reached 3999. Infected counted over 225,5 thousand

In Russia is registered more than thousand 687,8 infected with coronavirus, over 10.2 thousand people died. In the world of infection infected more than 11.6 million people died over 538,8 thousand

the expert from the UK has put forward a new version of the origin of the coronavirus. He suggested that the causative agents of diseases such as coronavirus “don’t come out of nowhere and not going anywhere”, “they are always here and sometimes something activates”. Fellow at the Oxford Centre of evidence-based medicine Professor Tom Jefferson added that SARS-CoV-2, most likely, was not created in a laboratory in Wuhan. This virus is “sleeping”, and “when a certain combination of natural factors woke up.” The trigger could be the density of the world population, or environmental conditions, suggested the scientist.

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