Coronavirus is gaining momentum — a new record for the number of infected in the world for a day

For the last day in the world set a new record for the number of people infected with coronavirus. According to the world health organization (who) in the past 24 hours was 230,3 thousand confirmed cases of infection COVID-19.

the Previous record was recorded July 10 — 228 thousand infected.

in the world already more than 12.9 million infected died over 569 thousand According to the who, the coronavirus was confirmed in 12.5 million.

In a terrible rating for the number of infected are in the lead of the United States (3.3 million), Brazil (1.8 million) and India (878,5 million). Russia takes the fourth place (727,1 thousand). Most of the victims in the United States (more than 137 thousand), Brazil (more than 71 thousand) and the UK (over 44 thousand).

the American doctor Chad Krilich said that the world is waiting for the next wave of coronavirus. According to experts, it can begin against the flu outbreak.

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