Four years after the midnight sun and two years after Equatoria, the Spanish duo Juan Diaz Canales and Rubén Pellejero is back in business with a third adventure of Corto Maltese, an adventurous charmer created in 1967 by Hugo Pratt (1927-1995).

taking the torch from the hands of Pratt, the duo hispanic has given to the marine romantic a little of his own youth. We wondered why this third album had been conceived in the greatest of secrecy. But, to discover the coverage of this episode titled The Day of Tarowean, one understands why. The image is immediately familiar to all those who know the work of Pratt.

The story of before

It refers to a sequence inaugural – we could even speak of the genesis of the character of Corto Maltese – the one that is located at the beginning of The Ballad of the salt sea , where we discovered our famous hero crucified on his plank of wood in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Behind him, a churned up ocean and on the horizon, the …

I log

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