Cosgrave: after 3-4 days it will be clear whether the left Petersburg on the plateau on coronavirus

Northern capital came out on a plateau on the coronavirus, although you need a few days to confirm the hypothesis. About it on air of TV channel “Saint Petersburg” said the head of the Committee on health Dmitry Lisovets. Assumptions officials justified the level of hospitalizations in the city.

“I see that in the second week we are on the same level by the number of hospitalizations. If judged by this criterion, I think we came out on that most awaited plateau,” said Lisovets. He added that will confirm or disprove the hypothesis the next 3-4 days.

Earlier, the head of cosgrave told that the day hospital in St. Petersburg discharged for 750 residents. On may 26, the figure ranged from 650 to 670 people.

According to the latest data, the Northern capital has registered 17 thousand 69 cases COVID-19, died 240 residents.

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