Some collectors like their tables almost as much as their horses. Paul Mellon, a great lover of art – son of Andrew Mellon, the famous benefactor of museums in the united states, with his wife, Bunny, who likes to live in the countryside in Virginia, buying paintings to decorate their area of Oak Spring, elegant cottage of billionaires.

Their trophies of art, bequeathed to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, may not be better hung that at this time the Museum of hunting and nature: they occupy the boxes are painted white, lit like the cleanest and most modern of the stables.

forty masterpieces, no more, bear witness to the fascination of the industrial dynasties of the united states in a rural society and aristocratic

The visitor has the desire to flatter the collar of a wonderful little horse from Géricault, stops to hear hennir the steeds painted by George Stubbs in the last years of the Eighteenth century, observe the “red clothes” of a vast composition of sir Francis Grant, a monument to the glory of the british campaign in the 1830s. Forty masterpieces, no more, bear witness to the …

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