51 years ago, this is Courtney Taylor-Taylor, a little quieted that, with the Dandy Warhols, has ignited the Olympia on Friday. The one who was known for his way of life excessive now says it is rather trendy, good wine and family life. But can’t stand it all the same not a few provocations.

LE FIGARO. – Hello Courtney Taylor-Taylor, how’s it going? Glad your concert?

Courtney Taylor-Taylor. – Very well! Happy to be in Paris, a city that I love. The concert is perfectly fine. There was an energy here. It bodes well for the rest of the tour.

Olympia, this is a special room for you?

quite. I love this place, where it was no longer coming since 2012. It is a great hall, to share. Truly magical. The acoustic one is really excellent. I have always an incredible pleasure to play here.

tonight, you presented your new album, Why You So Crazy . Do you think that it will be more appreciated than the previous one, Distortland , which had received a mixed reception?

Yes, I’m sure. Distortland was an album a little perched, very psychedelic. It was more for the uninitiated, what. The new album is, in my sense, much more general public. It should appeal to the largest number.

You and your group are famous, in addition to for your music, for your way of life very rock’n’roll. You are calmed down with age?

Now, I’m 51 years old, I have a lifestyle more calm than before. I smoke weed before a concert, that’s all. I stopped the stuff stronger. I have taken a passion for wine. I love the champagne ( he said a cut to the hand, editor’s note ), the bordeaux, but I also tasted a delicious wine in the Auvergne region recently.

And Portland, where are born the Dandy Warhols, it is still your city of heart and the one where you reside? A few years ago, you said not to love his gentrification…

I live there always, I could not live elsewhere. All my friends are here, I am trapped! (laughter) And now I have a quieter life, I am a father of a little boy of eight years. So it suits me now to reside in a town that became family.

● Listen to Motor City Steel , from the album Why You So Crazy :