The daily average of new contaminations over seven days, which smoothes the variations, stood at 17,705 on Friday, against 26,447 the previous Friday.

The decline is however a little accentuated by the fact that Thursday was a holiday. On Friday, only 4,811 new positive cases were recorded against 21,234 on Thursday and 22,006 on Wednesday.

The drop is also confirmed in the hospital since 15,811 Covid patients were hospitalized on Friday, against 17,140 a week earlier.

In detail, the critical care services, which treat the most serious forms of the disease, welcomed 1,024 patients, instead of 1,095 last Friday.

The number of new daily hospital admissions on Friday was 404 (down from 591).

Resuscitation services have admitted 35 Covid patients in the past 24 hours, compared to 62 a week ago.

A total of 148,129 people were killed by Covid-19 in France.

On the vaccination side, almost no change: 54.4 million people received at least one dose (81% of the total population). 79.7% of the population received a complete primary vaccination and 59.5% a booster dose, according to figures from the Ministry of Health.

On Wednesday, health authorities recommended a new vaccine booster in the fall for all people at risk, including those with comorbidities.