“Not only had I seen but warned. I was, by far in Europe, the most alert minister. But everyone did not care”, according to comments reported by Le Monde, which says it had access a diary written by the ex-minister during the pandemic.

In an article published on Tuesday, the daily reports numerous text messages addressed to the Head of State and his former Prime Minister, the first on January 11, 2020 about the epidemic that appeared in China, which then does not appear “not still in the media” but who “can go up”, she writes.

Despite these elements – which now constitute a part of the investigation instructed by the Court of Justice of the Republic (CJR) -, “I did not have the impression of being heard”, adds Ms. Buzyn, who “didn’t did not manage to have an appointment” with the President of the Republic, until a telephone interview on February 8.

Or a week before his departure from the ministry to replace Benjamin Griveaux at short notice in the race for mayor of Paris. “I should never have left”, she believes, adding that “we pushed (her) in the wrong place at the wrong time”.

Until her crushing defeat in the second round, she continued to alert the executive. Thus this message on February 29 to Mr. Macron: “We are wasting time on the epidemic (…) The country is not ready!”.

Or this one, on March 10 to Mr. Philippe, to whom she enjoins “to stop everything, as in Italy, as quickly as possible”, predicting that “it will be the berezina in the hospitals”.

“I felt that I no longer weighed anything and that I spoke in a vacuum. I was no longer in business and I was made to feel it”, she adds today in remarks to Le Monde.