The seventh wave is rising fast in the hospital. With 8,063 new hospitalizations over the period from July 4 to 10, admissions were “up sharply” by 19% compared to the previous week, according to the weekly epidemiological point of the health agency.

Ditto for critical care services, with 761 entries, or 22% more in one week, while deaths in health and medico-social establishments jumped by 29%, with 389 deaths recorded.

Despite the observed slowdown in contamination, which peaks at around 130,000 cases per day, the trend remains accelerating in hospitals, according to data published on the Geodes website.

Over the first three days of the week, new admissions are up again by 22% and admissions to critical care by 32%, AFP calculated.

The number of hospitalized patients, which fell to less than 14,000 in mid-June, is now on the verge of exceeding 20,000, a level that has not been reached for two months, but still far from the peak of more than 33,000 recorded in February.