“I took my decree with other mayors of the metropolis of Nice (…) so that everyone from Monday wears the mask in a compulsory way”, on the 2,500 km of the bus and tram network, has said Mr. Estrosi, ex-LR.

The mayor of Nice is thus going further than the government which, for the moment, only recommends wearing a mask in public transport.

For Mr. Estrosi, the government “will be forced to come to this, because 200,000 more cases in less than 24 hours, we can clearly see that we are on a 7th wave which is skyrocketing and which is bringing us towards a return to school in high risk”.

The number of Covid-19 contaminations has risen to more than 206,000 over the past 24 hours, according to data from Public Health France published Tuesday evening.

On Tuesday, the new Minister of Health, François Braun, encouraged the second vaccination reminder (4th dose) for the most fragile and recommended wearing a mask “in crowded places”.