Following the advice of the scientific authorities (High Authority for Health and Council for the Orientation of the Vaccine Strategy), it took this decision in an “epidemiological context which remains worrying, with very contagious variants”, explained on Wednesday the Ministry of Health. health.

The government has decided to extend the second reminder “from now on to adults aged 18 to 60 identified as being at risk of a severe form of Covid, to pregnant women and to people living in the entourage of vulnerable or immunocompromised people” , he detailed in a press briefing.

This extension concerns around five million people, which brings the number of French people eligible for this second booster dose to around 17 million. Until now, only those over 60 and immunocompromised people had access to it, or some 12 million eligible people. Of these, around 4 million received a second booster.

This additional booster dose is possible from three months after the 1st booster for the most fragile (over 80 years old, nursing home residents, severely immunocompromised).

For others, it can be administered six months after the first booster.

And “in the event of infection between the first and the second booster, we can do a second booster injection three months after the infection”, specified the Ministry of Health.

Asked whether the government planned to offer a second reminder to the entire population in the fall, the ministry replied “clearly no”. “Today, there is no likely scenario that would extend the second recall to everyone, although caution should be exercised,” he said.

He also delivered the figures for vaccinations with the vaccine from the American laboratory Novavax, based on classic technology. “We expected significant figures, this is not what we observed”, conceded the ministry. “Only 28,000 doses of this vaccine have been injected since March, it is very few but it remains a useful vaccine”, he judged.