Asked by a fan on his views regarding the boycott of cultural heritage of Israel, Nick Cave has made public an email sent to the musician Brian Eno, whose name we find in all the campaigns call for a boycott. The former member of Roxy Music, asking him in effect not to occur to Tel Aviv in November 2017. A posture that the singer australian had qualified this attitude as “cowardly and shameful”.

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“It is even in part for this reason that I come and play in Israel. Not in support of any political entity, but to combat those who prefer to oppress, silence and throw the stigma on the musicians,” says Nick Cave in his long message.

“How many of you would be more powerful your claim if you want to go in Israel and say to the press and to Israelis what do you think of their current system,” says the singer to the address of artists who refuse to produce in the jewish State. “To involve the Israelis, who vote, might be more effective than scare with the artists,” he states.

For all that, Nick Cave is far from supporting the policy of the government of Benyamin Netanyahu in the west bank: “I’m aware of the injustices suffered by the palestinian population. And I hope, as any person of common sense, that a just and comprehensive solution will end.”

“I invested a lot for the palestinian cause through the foundation is Hoping, by giving the 150,000 books for the palestinian children”, then reminds Nick Cave. The foundation is Hoping, who is active with the youth of Gaza, the west bank and of the various refugee camps in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon, has received the support of many music celebrities such as Elton John, Roger Waters, Jarvis Cocker and Van Morrison.

“whatever the reasons and wrongs of israeli policy in the territories disputed, Israel is a real democracy, a dynamic, which works well”, nuance Nick Cave.

“this encourages discord”

Already in 2017, the singer was outraged at the press conference that preceded his concerts in Tel Aviv. “If you come here, you must live in a public humiliation because of Roger Waters and his friends,” he explained then to journalists.

At the same time, Thom Yorke, singer of Radiohead, after having received calls to boycott on the part of figures such as Roger Waters and Desmond Tutu, had said: “All of this encourages discord. You don’t take the people. You do not encourage dialogue or mutual understanding.”

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If Nick Cave and Thom Yorke play riders, the singer from new zealand Lorde has cancelled his coming in December 2017 in support of the boycott. A hundred artists had also supported his decision in an open letter, among them Peter Gabriel, Ken Loach, Mark Ruffalo and Viggo Mortensen.