CPS found whether in St. Petersburg where to swim

the Staff of the office of Rospotrebnadzor checked the condition of the water areas of beaches. The Department has taken 300 samples. It turned out that on 23 June, none of the water bodies unfit for swimming.

“According to the results of the monitoring of all water areas: the 1st Suzdal lake (Top), the Vyborg district; 2nd lake Suzdal (Average), the Vyborg district; 3rd Suzdal lake (Lower), the Vyborg district, Olginsky reservoir of the Vyborg district; the Village pond, Pushkin area; the lake Spill (beaches: “Officer”, “White mountain”, “North”, “Green Mountain”, “New”); the Finnish Gulf (the beaches: “the Kronshtadt” Kronstadt district; “Komorowski”, “Affectionate”, “Wonderful”, “Golden”, “Child”, “Dubkovskiy”, “Sestroretsk”, “White nights”), “Dune” Resort area: “Sea oaklets” Primorsky district); lake. Nameless, Krasnoselsky district, the Izhora river (beaches “Adult”, “Child”), Kolpino district do not meet the sanitary legislation requirements”, — reported in the CPS.

the Department added that the experts monitor the state of waters of 24 beaches.

a Week earlier, sanitary-chemical, microbiological and parasitological indicators of urban water bodies also did not meet the standards.

Meanwhile, in the Leningrad region swimming can be in 10 places, when they open the beaches.

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